Trending in June: Cinemagraphs, Stories and Gamification

By on 7 June 2016

Content Marketing for June 2016

This month, we share stories and thoughts on issues that we are concerned with. Hopefully, they’ll resonate and you can share your views too!

We’ve been trying to steer marketers toward a ‘desired-state based – outcome driven’ approach to marketing. To us, marketers like yourself should focus on defining outcomes that matter to you while we design mechanics and write stories to serve these outcomes. This is why we have developed Sandbox – an integrated gamification and content marketing platform that will allow you to set desired states and watch us think and deploy the most effective campaigns (based on data and best practices from hundreds of campaigns that we ran).

We are also advocates of Gamification. We believe gamification, or the introduction of competition and social activities to influence consumer behaviour, has a big part to play in actionable marketing. Below, we share a story on how public transport companies are using gamification tactics to change passenger behaviour. Similar to public transport passengers, your consumers can become “players” who will be rewarded if they adjust their behaviour.

We hope you will find our perspectives useful. We would love to hear from you too. Let us know what’s on your mind and we can chat over email, text or even wine. Let’s be friends.
Noisy Crayons
Gamification by Noisy Crayons

Here’s a Sand Box that helps you produce stories and design mechanics to deepen your engagement with your consumers. By integrating content marketing and gamification services on a single platform, you can now focus on the identifying desired outcomes for your campaign, while the platform will recommend writers and game/contest mechanics, then produce stories and interactive games or contests to meet the outcomes you set. Read on…
Noisy Crayons
Velocity @ Novena Square

Velocity @ Novena Square strengthens her digital outreach this Great Singapore Sale season with a campaign that brings Singaporeans who are interested in Sports and Travel from Facebook, Google Search and Display Network to a landing page that presents unbeatable promotions and a call-to-action for the shopper to be subscribed to future updates. Clicks don’t matter. Actions after the click are what we strive to define and achieve. Enter the Arena…
Noisy Crayons
Find out how you can reach your consumers any time, anywhere with SPH Magazines 360, an offering that lets you reach your audience through award-winning titles across multiple touch points that stretches from print to digital. Discover more…Noisy Crayons
Experience Macao

Find out how this series of activation we conceptualised, shot and produced for Macao Tourism reached more than 400,000 Singaporeans, generating more than 2,400 participant actions and 1,000 shares on Facebook within 2 weeks. View more…
Noisy Crayons
Social Media - Content Marketing

A gamification initiative introduces competition and social activity into behavioural interventions. Read how public transport passengers become “players” who can win individual or group rewards if they adjust their behaviour. Similarly, your consumers can be immersed in a ‘gameplay’ environment in your bid to influence their behaviour. Bring it on…
Noisy Crayons
Park Hotel Group Social Media

Browse the series of cinemagraphs that we produce to showcase the experience of properties under Park Hotel Group. Enjoy the motion in art and take in a gallery of desirable stay experiences that travellers can do forward to. View more…

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