Optimising consumer engagement on Facebook: pictures and videos receive up to 180% more engagement than the average post

By on 20 November 2012

Singapore – In the last 12 months, we have worked with a good number of brands, many of whom are excited about the emergence of Facebook, a media platform that connects them with a sizable group of audience (more than 1 billion users worldwide and almost 3 million in Singapore).

Many businesses, big and small, have established social presence, and as many more get on the bandwagon, the size of followership (or fan base as we affectionately call users who like our business pages) has become the all-conquering metric that we rely on to proclaim the popularity of the brand.

And as we go on a relentless pursuit to build up initiatives that cultivate the creation of consumer communities who believe in your brand and consume your products, it is important to step back and acknowledge that initiatives on the social platform allow us to develop a more intimate relationship between brand and consumer, shift consumer perception, increase brand influence and ultimately leverage on such socialisation to drive business growth.

To you who believe that the size of your fan base defines the success of your social media activities, we say size is not all.

Beyond large bases, it is important to try and understand if the community you have built is relevant to your brand. It’s important to establish if your audience is interacting with you over the right drivers. It is important to establish the outcome of each engagement you initiate with each member of the community. Are you connecting with genuine fans and consumers of your products? Are you connecting with people who would recommend your products to their friends?

Make no mistake, size is not all but size is critical. Cultivating a sizable group of followers for your brand allows you to communicate messages that mobilise your audience to action. The number of relevant people you can move is a sub-set of the size of your base. The beauty of the platform lies in its ability to mobilise large groups of followers with scale.

We say took a good look at how you are engaging your audience on Facebook Pages today. Are we focused on publishing content that people find compelling and natural to engage with and share with their social networks?

Facebook Marketing recently shared a few best practices on content publishing and we have organised them into an easy-to-understand infographic for you. Think about adopting some of these practices in accordance to your specific need and context.


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