Avast ye, me hearty! We go out to sea with the camera.

By on 30 September 2015

We had a nicely themed Ahoy! Seafood Night Buffet for an established restaurant to launch on social media but with the news feeds of the skeptical millennials brimming with promotions they don’t want and gossips that they don’t have anything to do with, the challenge to reach out and communicate with impact got to us.

We had to respond and put the product in the market as quickly as we could. So we got the team to put together a quick motion picture of how we can all enjoy fresh catch from the ocean from start to finish. We drew inspiration from the taste, color and presentation of the wide array of seafood on the line.

We started with the Seafood Stew that was well-stocked with lots of succulent prawns. The mussels, oysters and scallops were then presented on ice, literally fresh off the ocean. Gems on ice we called it. The Maine lobster showed up in a pan. And then there was a serving of the Seafood Paella and the familiar chili crabs before we finish off with Magmnums, Cornettos and French pastry!

We had a feast at the shoot. We think you should enjoy the video below too. Oh and ahoy, we’ll see you at seafood night!

Credit Roll:
Direction, Storyboard and Copy: Sharene
Direction and Post Production: Mei Ling
Shoot: Stefan
Special thanks to Chef Wilson and Stephanie Tang.

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