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celio* turns men into brand advocates with celio* flip

Singapore – celio* Singapore has launched celio* flip – a social media campaign that is conceptualised to engage the Singaporean man with a keen, discerning and precise eye for style.

Conceptualised by digital creative agency, noisycrayons, the campaign builds familiarity about the celio* brand and caters to the style appetites of 25-35 year-old men through a progressive instant gratification strategy that places the desirable rewards (1-min shop-for-free spree, apparels and shopping vouchers) within immediate reach of the men who make a connection with celio* on social media.

The campaign, that is deployed on both desktop computers and mobile devices, features an energetic * that zips haphazardly across screen and the celio* man has 5 seconds to catch the target to be rewarded. The brand is therefore associated with qualities of the go-getter who is always on the move, attributes of the modern celio* man.

The campaign also incentivises brand advocacy by granting the audience additional opportunities to engage and be rewarded when they make successful referrals and activate peers within their social network.

With the campaign, the brand will look to social media as a natural platform to build meaningful relationships and create interactions with Singapore men.

“Socially-driven platforms, such as Facebook, have allowed the brand to take on a more person-able voice and develop more intimate relationships with our consumers. We are working with noisycrayons to develop refreshing concepts to socialise the brand among our audience. celio* Flip represents the 1st stage of our engagement strategy and will see the brand instantly gratifying the audience when they make connections with celio*”, explained Eunice Er, Assistant Marketing Communications Manager of celio* Singapore.

The initiative is expected to reach more than 200,000 Singaporean men between the age of 25 to 35.